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Nick Molina is the CEO of International Vapor Group

Posted by Admin On1st November 2012

In 1989, Nick Molina’s career as an entrepreneur began in earnest at the age of 21 when he co-founded Let’s Talk Cellular & Wireless, Inc. (LTCW). This became the nation’s most successful specialty retailer of wireless products and services. Nick Molina was the CEO of the company and was responsible for its growth from one store to over 289 stores in twenty-three states and Puerto Rico. LTCW completed an IPO in 1997 with Merrill Lynch and Salomon/Smith Barney as lead underwriters. LTCW was thereafter sold to Nextel Communications in 2000.

It was in late 1998 that Nick Molina left LTCW in order to launch two companies, called Auto Finance of America and These two companies were involved in automotive financing. They were consolidated in 2000 and sold successfully.

In 2001, Nick Molina founded WebClick Concepts, Inc. Which in 2004 spun off a new division called Rapid Satellite, which would quickly become one of the largest online marketers for a number of consumer satellite products and services.

Today, Nick Molina is the CEO of International Vapor Group, which includes the popular brands South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. He joined the company in late 2009 and is now the Chief Executive Officer. Molina has a proven record when it comes to public companies, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, online and offline marketing, fundraising, and start-ups.